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The Profiler helps you identify your Interest Areas.
The Interest Areas are listed below in order based on your answers.


Conventional 6

Realistic 3

Investigative 1

Enterprising 1

Artistic 0

Social 0


When searching for occupations in Choices,
the following factors will be automatically selected for you in the Interests search topic.





Interest Area Descriptions



You are a "doer".
You usually prefer physical activities, games and projects rather than socializing.
You like to find concrete solutions to problems by trying out various possibilities.
You often avoid situations that involve a lot of discussion with other people,
and you usually want to go further than working out a problem in theory - you want to see how your solutions work.




You are a "thinker".
You like to analyze situations and work with ideas to find creative solutions.
You prefer to work on your own and usually don't like having to persuade other people to accept your ideas.




You are a "creator".
You enjoy art, music, and/or literary activities.
You usually show emotion more easily than other people, and you avoid rules and rigid situations.




You are a "helper".
You like being with and around other people, helping others, working in jobs that directly affect other people.
You work and socialize well with other people and, when possible, you avoid doing physical work.




You are a "persuader".
You like to sell products and ideas and manage other people.
You enjoy having power, prestige, and high status.
You have good language skills and you like to use them to control and influence other people.




You are an "organizer".
You feel comfortable working with details in structured situations and like to keep things neat and organized.
You like working with forms, charts, and reports.
You are self-controlled and identify strongly with status, authority and power.